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Главная » 2009 » Июнь » 2 » Sak - Desht-I-Kipchak, i.e. the “Kipchak steppe”
Sak - Desht-I-Kipchak, i.e. the “Kipchak steppe”


Sak - Desht-I-Kipchak, i.e. the “Kipchak steppe”

From here – from Altai – ran human river which originated from little streams five centuries B.C. or even earlier and directed to the Northern India, and later – Persia, the Near East and Northern Africa. Then it came to spanless Eurasian steppes. That was a real unprecedented demographic explosion. Its participants had different names: the Huns, Saks, Scythians, Arians, Geths, Goths, Turki, Saxons, Polovtzians, Germans, Burgundians, Kumans… More than thirty names were invented for the Altaians. And they were all correct. But those thirty nations spoke the same language – the Turkic language. And they had one ruler – the tsar, or the Great Khan who ran the nation.

            Their appearance was almost the same – riders with bronzed faces. They called themselves the Turki: the Oguzes or Kipchaks. Hence their name of their country – Desht-I-Kipchak, i.e. the “Kipchak steppe”.

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